"All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come."

– Victor Hugo

To living every last drop.

Over three decades of Marc Saint-Onge’s passion are at the heart of this company. We care deeply about health education and the empowerment that comes with personal knowledge. We offer a financial opportunity that can be as substantial you want it to be. Whether you want more money, time, freedom or community, we invite you to dream big.

Thirty years of experience informs everything we do.

Our fulvic acid products were previously distributed all over the world through spas and health practitioners. Having put in our 10,000 hours, we know and deeply understand the business of fulvic acid. Reborn as a Network Marketing, Black Oxygen Organics brings decades of experience in this space, now harnessed with the power of people talking to people – the ideal way to make these life-enhancing formulas available to everyone.

We own it from bog to bottle.

Black Oxygen Organics owns the extraction rights to the bog, developed and owns the proprietary harvesting methods and controls every aspect of manufacturing from start to finish. No outside influences and no middle formulator means we can provide a better product at a better price and be more generous with our compensation plan.

Compensation Plan Highlights

High paying customer commissions.

Enrollment bonuses through five levels.

Generous residual team pay.

Seven levels of matching bonuses.

Significant lifestyle bonuses.

Fair, volume-based rank advancement.

Special one-time bonus as you grow your business.

Higher pay out because we control manufacturing.

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